A Little History

Kaleb has lived in the Bates County area all his life.   Our life dream of building our small farm in the country turned out to be an apparent hindrance for an adult with autism.  The sheltered workshop did not work out for him, scheduled assistants coming to our home did not work out for our family.  One thing led to another and we came upon the idea of starting our own workshop.    I had sold a few birdhouses at small local festivals & thought maybe we could find a project that Kaleb could make and sell.

With the aim of using our collected junk from years of yard-saling in our small town, we came up with trays!  Walking through Hobby Lobby, I saw a simple tray selling for $40!  I thought Kaleb could make that out of some lath a friend had given me for crafting.  We had lots of hardware (from yard sales & furniture flips)  This turned out to be the perfect ‘starter’ craft for Kaleb.  He does not use the saw but has advanced from just painting to using clamps, the drill, and vise.  He has his own workbench and tools now.

In 2016 we applied for a Vintage Market Days sale.  He did so well, it motivated him to get going for another one in the fall.  He did equally as well and sold out.  We still have obsessive issues, and through the winter months, we are focusing on diet improvement and cooking.  He is very excited to get out in the barn and start production again for our next Vintage Market Days.

With every lot he makes, he improves on independent working and fine motor skills.  Not sure where the future will take us as we age… We are hoping he develops a hobby that he enjoys and can profit from to experience the kind of satisfaction that only comes from creating and producing a piece of art with your own hands.  Thank you for supporting our venture.